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What am I to expect coming into a massage treatment?

Weather it is for pure relaxation or a specific problem that is troubling you I will first listen to your concerns and then discuss a treatment that we are both happy with and will be of most benefit. You will then be asked to undress down to your underwear and will be completely covered with a sheet, not a towel, your privacy is of importance. Depending on the treatment, heat-packs are then usually applied and then the massage starts with the use of a quality blend of essential oils.

I am a little embarrassed but really want a massage?

There can be nothing worse than being in your underwear almost naked in front of a complete stranger. I have massaged all shapes and sizes and do have your modesty in mind. You are given a sheet, not a towel, to cover yourself with from head to toe and the only areas that are uncovered are those that are being massaged at the time. Your privacy and modesty is of importance along with how comfortable you are during the massage.

Also, I will leave the room and prepare the heat-packs while you are undressing. After the massage you also will be allowed to dress in privacy.

what to expect after your massage treatment?

After your massage treatment it is advised no heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, caffeine or alcohol for the remainder of the day. You may feel a little tender or under the weather after your treatment too, this can last up to 48hrs. This is perfectly normal and is the bodies natural reaction to muscles settling themselves back to normal function. A 15min walk and staying hydrated can help your body flush out those toxins that have been released during the massage session. Also, an Epsom salts bath may be of benefit too.

How long should I leave the Aromatherapy oils on for?

I use quality aromatherapy essential oils with each massage, its advisable to leave them to do there work for at least 6 hours if possible. You can have a shower before you come for your appointment and then won't need another until later. I do wipe off any excess oils off & the base oil is water dispersal therefore washes out easily from your clothing. Although, you can ask for the oils to be completely wiped off or have a shower after your massage if you so wish, its entirely up to you.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people benefit from 1-4 treatments however, this is depending on how severe the problem is, if it has been an ongoing issue, if the problem is persistent and continually due to work stresses, sporting events, emotional stress or mental trauma, health, medication, drugs, diet ETC. You may also benefit from seeing other health care professionals along side your massage treatments. If you are under Doctors care at the time of your visit you may need a written recommendation from your Doctor before commencing massage.

Do you have Gift Vouchers and how can I purchase them?

The loving nature of massage is a perfect gift for anyone. A wonderful idea for someone you think that's in need of some "Time out" for themselves, or a special occasion such as Mothers Day, Birthdays, Anniversary's ETC. You can purchase Gift Vouchers either by phoning me to arrange payment and pick up or by direct deposit of the purchase amount into my account, I can then mail the voucher/s to you or the person you have chosen to give the voucher too. Each voucher comes with an expiry of 3 years from date purchased. 

I'm not always available to speak to!

It is very annoying as a client to have a massage therapist answer phone calls on their time, so I simple don't answer calls when I'm with a client. However, your call is important to me. You can either leave a voice message, text me, contact me via FACEBOOK or call back later. Please leave your name and a contact phone number and a short message as many people forget to do this. Also you can text me any reasonable time day or night to check on availability of appointment times Or feel free to take advantage of online booking via Facebook. You will find my Facebook business page in "contact" link. 

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