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My Story ..

Hello & Welcome,

My name is Margie Simpson. I received my Diploma back in 1996 & I'm also a member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). I hold an Adv. Dip in Remedial Massage, Dip in Aromatherapy, Cert II Reiki practitioner, Cert in Lymphatic Drainage & many other certificates of attainment in course such as Myofascial Release Therapy, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone Massage etc. I am currently a recognized provider with all Health Funds for Remedial Massage rebates.

I have been in this industry for quite sometime always learning new techniques & updating skills. I absolutely love working as a Massage Therapist & consider myself very lucky, hence why I am still massaging after 26yrs. I love the relaxing atmosphere, the healing energy & building friendly & supportive relationships with clients.

I provide a safe space for women to come relax & let go in my home. The massage room is separate from the main living area dedicated to you the client. Upon entering the room, you will find fairy lights, candles, relaxing music in the background & crystals on display which all adds to the atmosphere & relaxing ambience.     

My preferred technique that I find most effective is a variety & combination of different massage styles that are slow, deep & very relaxing designed to release muscular tightness & tension. I love quietness during massage but I also allow for conversation because sometimes talking is needed to help release tension also. 

All products I use are Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly so you can be assured all those harm free, peace loving vibes don't stop once the oils & creams go onto the skin. No Honey, No Bees Wax, No lanolin.

Love to meet you soon

Photo - Melbourne 2011 Louise Hay signing her book I purchased. She opened up new doors for millions of people around the world including me! So much love for her ...

RIP b. 08.10.26 - d. 30.08.17

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